Setting Up a Home Office to Have No Distractions

Over the past few years remote technology and advanced communications systems have allowed for a much larger percentage of the global workforce to do their tasks at home. And while there certainly many advantages to this arrangement, like saving on the commute and dressing comfortably, it is most certainly an invitation for a slew of distractions.

So, how can the remote entrepreneur make their home office a place of maximum effort and ZERO distractions? Here are a few tips to help you in the right direction.

1) Only Use the Home Office for Work.

Observe the sanctity of your professional activities. Your office should be kept for your official duties alone. Avoid beginning your work in the bedroom, kitchen or couch as this will eventually put a damper on your productivity.

Make sure the workplace is where your mind is focused on work alone and avoid the temptation to play Gwent, check your social media accounts and engage in other non-work-related activities.

2) Set a Schedule.

Just like you will need your special space dedicated to work, your schedule will also need that time dedicated to hard work and progress. If you aren’t careful, the mind can be distracted with the cares and pressing obligations of homes life. This can make the lines between your work and your home life blurry and this can sap your effectiveness.

If you have a schedule it will be important that you communicate your schedule to all concerned. This includes work associates, friends and love interests as well as your Schnauzer. The more people who respect the work schedule you have set, the more solidified your work routine will become in your own mind.

3) Declutter

This is actually simpler than many people imagine. If you want your mind to stay focused on your work, you will need to minimize anything that distracts your mind from this specific pursuit. Make it a habit to regularly tidy up your office and ensure only what is needed for the task at hand is out in sight. The less extraneous stuff you have lying around the more you will be able to focus on your work.

4) Invest in your Office

You will want to make sure your home office is up to par with your professional demands. You can’t expect to keep your butt in one place and focus on your work, if your chair is uncomfortable, your desk is a decommissioned kitchen table and your notes, pens and other accessories are scattered across your office. Your work and progress will be hampered.

5) Stay On Task and Off Email.

The second you have a momentary lull in your work you may get tempted to slip over to your inbox to answer emails and maybe personal messengers. This seems innocuous but you will take your focus and momentum from the task at hand and your work will suffer.

6) Make Sure You Socialize.

Despite how well your work alone, socializing is an important part of your day plan and without a time for connecting with other people your work and professionalism can suffer. Take a few extra minutes to chat with the baristas or go out for lunch with friends and family. These smaller actions may seem like they are pointless, but in the long run they will allow you to accomplish more in less time.

7) Take Breaks.

It is actually a bad idea to stay so absorbed in your work that you do nothing else but work. This point has been illustrated many times in scientific tests. The ideal break schedule is after every 52 minutes of work, a short 10 to 17 minute break will allow the mind to stay its course.